Welcome to Teaching With...

Teaching With is no longer in operation.

About a year ago, Little Bird Electronics and Tech Explorations published Teaching With at teachingwith.com.

Through Teaching With, our mission was and still is, to provide you with quality educational content and STEM professional development resources. Over the last year, thousands of teachers have benefited from our content.

Following this mission, we are making some significant changes to how we will offer this content in the future.

From July 30 2018, Tech Explorations and Little Bird Electronics will offer their educational content through their respective websites. We will still collaborate to create new content in the form of video courses, books, blog posts, webinars, seminars, and podcasts.

We believe that this move will allow us more flexibility to create the best content you need.

Practically, what this means is that:

(1) the Teaching With online school (teachingwith.com) has shut down.

(2) All the content you have access to in the Teaching With online school will continue to be accessible to you through the Tech Explorations online school and Little Bird Electronics learning system at no additional cost.

At Tech Explorations, we are ready to make the transition.

Following is some useful information to help you through the transition and describe the two-step process that you will need to follow.

Important fact 1: There will be no change in the way you access Teaching With until July 30, 2018.

Important fact 2: Any Tech Explorations courses you have access to on Teaching With, you will continue to be able to access through the Tech Explorations online school. You will also have access to the Tech Explorations Help Desk.

Important fact 3: Any Little Bird Electronics courses you have access to on Teaching With, you will continue to be able to access through the Little Bird Electronics learning system. This system is under development now. You will receive more information about it from Little Bird Electronics in due course.

Important fact 4: The transition will come at no additional cost to you.

To make this transition possible, we need your help.

With respect to your privacy, we can not automatically create your account on Tech Explorations. You will have to do this yourself. Once you have an account created, you must complete an enrolment form so that we can enrol you in the same Tech Explorations course(s) you have on Teaching With.

Here is the process, should you want to proceed:

Step 1: Create your free account: Go to techexplorations.com and create your free account.

Step 2: Let us know. Use this form to inform us that you would like to move your Teaching With enrolments to Tech Explorations.

That's it. You will hear from us once your enrollments are complete. Allow for a few days for this to happen.

Teaching With will shut down on June 30. Please follow the transition process before that day.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition. If you need to discuss any aspect of the process, please contact us via email (peter@txplore.com).